Mary Kathryn Kendig was born and raised in South Alabama and has always been a creative person. After graduating college in biomedical sciences and working in the medical field for a few years she retired and went back to her creative roots. She started a small business as an artist and enjoyed her time painting commissions and exploring the world of abstract art. What was literally an accident she began her career as a jewelry designer. After one afternoon of standing on top of a stool to photograph some paintings the stool broke and she fell to the ground. A little embarrassed and quite bruised up she went to throw the stool away but decided to save the leather that was on the seat cover. From that one seat she made 12 pair of earrings and posted them online to sell. With no expectations at all, she was very surprised to find that all 12 pairs sold very quickly. From that moment on Mary Kathryn would undergo what she would describe as a creative obsession. It has been a year since her first line of leather earrings launched and she has created hundreds of earrings that are now out into the world. She now creates earrings that are hand-painted, made from semi-precious stones and beautiful silk tassels! She describes jewelry making as a fun fast creative fix. “It has been such a whirlwind getting into the world of fashion”, Mary Kathryn says. “It is a world that I am unfamiliar with, but it has definitely pushed my boundaries and helped me to grow as an artist!” Mary Kathryn now resides in Dothan, Alabama with her inspiring husband, very energetic three year old twins and a very loyal miniature schnauzer, Bella!