Born and raised in South Alabama, Mary Kathryn Kendig has always had an eye for the creative. After pursuing a career in the medical field, she returned to her creative roots by starting a small business as an artist, painting commissions and exploring the world of abstract art.

From there, you could say she fell into jewelry design (literally). While standing on a stool to photograph her paintings one afternoon, the stool broke. She walked away with a few bruises, the leather from the seat cover, and inspiration. From that one seat cover, Mary Kathryn made 12 pairs of earrings, all of which, to her surprise, quickly sold online. From that moment on Mary Kathryn would undergo what she would describe as a creative obsession.

Mary Kathryn has created hundreds of earring lines since the launch of her original leather earrings. Her current creative spark is creating earrings that are hand-painted, made from semi-custom precious stones and beautiful silk tassels! Entering the world of fashion not only helped push her boundaries, but also grow as an artist.

Mary Kathryn now resides in Dothan, Alabama with her inspiring husband, very energetic six year old twins and a very loyal miniature schnauzer, Bella!